Gensan's Kalilangan Festival 2019 Calendar of Activities Released

February 08, 2019


Gensan's annual Kalilangan Festival is a celebration of culture, color and harmony in diversity. Being a melting pot of culture and tradition, particularly Mindanao's Tri-people, the Blaan & Tboli natives, Muslim and Christian groups, Gensan offers multiple facets of its members, the Generals.

Kalilangan honors the founding of General Santos City. The festivities happen every February to March, a week-long celebration that starts February 27, Gensan's foundation anniversary.

This year, Kalilangan is getting bigger and more colorful, with the inclusion of events that adapt to the Millennial way of life, yet still grounded to what Kalilangan is all about: to promote the culture and tradition, shared values and harmonious co-existence of its people.

Save these dates because it's gonna be a fun and exciting ride for Kalilangan Festival 2019.

For details, visit or follow them on instagram: @KalilanganFestival.

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