Kalilangan 2019: Fresh Concept, New Events and More

February 23, 2019

Attending this year’s Kalilangan Festival? Here’s a simple guide to help you make the most
of the celebration.

The 2019 Kalilangan Festival is on its way and the City of General Santos is buzzing with

Thousands of people from all over the world are expected to arrive and join the celebration. Festive banners and buntings popped around town, along downtown lining Osmena Boulevard, the colourful decorations, with a new hymn of the Kalilangan music. However, there also a few new aspects of the festival that you must be aware to get an experience.

Why Kalilangan is Important

Kalilangan is derived from the root word “Kalilang” which typically means celebration or commemoration in the Maguindanaon dialect. In a broader perspective, kalilang projects a positive and dynamic meaning for it engulfs the artistic, humane and altruistic aspects of social interaction that takes place in any occasion or celebration.

Kalilangan means festival, feastivity or jubilee. It is a social gathering marked by exchanging of amenities among traditional leaders, elders, allies and subordinates in varying tones. The festival also celebrates the foundation anniversary of the city. This year will mark the 80th year of the founding of the city by General Paulino Santos.

A Fresh Concept
This year may come as a suprise for the festival-goers as Kalilangan just had a facelift in branding and events. The new Kalilangan brand direction showcases the narrative of unity, diversity which General Santos is known to be; a city built by different ethnic groups from the country over, a melting pot of people with different religions and origins together united as one.


“The festival’s spirit remains, a festival recognising the culture of the indigenous people. Starting this year, we are enriching the essence by making it inclusive to all people who built the city. As a melting pot, we’re now transcending the narrative to the unity and harmony of the people of Gensan” shared by this year’s Festival Director, Ralph Layco.

This year’s theme is “Celebration of Us!” Incorporating vibrant colours to its designs and branding elements projects the true nature of the city, a colourful community.

More Events
As in the years before, various events set to take place in the next few days. However, there are also a few new aspects of the festival that you must be aware of so you get the most out of the experience.
The institutional events such as the Kadsayagan: The Streetdancing showdown of more than 5 groups depicting cultural groups, the Parada ng Lahi, Viva Gensan Opening are important celebrations of cultural commemoration, one that sirs right at the heart of the city. This year’s new additions such as Kalilangan Music Fest (a concert featuring cultural group, local bands and national bands), Kalilangan Rave, Zumba Street Party, Makulay Fun Run and Talentado ng Gensan are set to create an engaging wave of events for the community to enjoy.

The city is also embracing new changes with Santiago Boulevard as the second grand stage for Kalilangan. Nestled at the shopping district of General Santos, Santiago is going to be an exciting venue with a grand stage never done before in the history of the city.

Kalilangan will start on Feb 27 and will end on March 3, 2019. Follow their Facebook page at Kalilangan 2019 for dmore information.

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