SOX TOURISM Wants You to Include Sox Next to Your Bucketlist

March 27, 2019


Last 2017, we were surprised by how the DOT Region XII improved its branding in marketing Region XII or SOCCSKSARGEN (SOX in millennial lingo). It had a unique vibe, showcasing the breathtaking landscapes of SOX, and has effectively doubled the numbers despite the negative press the region has been getting due to "safety concerns", a stereotype most people believe about Mindanao.

Following its success, Department of Tourism Region XII recently launched a refreshed version of the campaign, which was inspired by travel bucket lists and a tagline that encourages tourists from here and abroad to book now and do it now.

The Logo

Tick Box
Represents the "bucketlist" entry to add SOX next and tick it off from your list. It is designed like the weaving patterns and colors of the T'nalak cloth, a GI (Geographic Indicator) product from South Cotabato, which is also the trademark of the region, and a nod to the current Department of Tourism logo, Its more fun in the Philippines.

Serif Font
The serif or the decorative stubs on the font was used to make the text lines clearer and more pleasant to the eyes. Technically, serifs are used to make texts look more aligned and neat to look at.

Warm Colors
The colors represent the warm and sunny disposition of the people in SOX. Although the mix of cultures in the region is somewhat a hodgepodge of traditions and ideas, one thing's the same among them: their warm hospitality and welcoming attitude.

Online Campaign & Hashtag

Just like the 'It's more fun in the Philippines' campaign, the new Sox is Next campaign encourages tourists and residents alike to take bucket list type photos and use the official photo filters on Facebook. It could be a new adventure, a paradise discovery, conquering your fear and the like. An app is also going to launch with the same mechanics.

When posting, users are instructed to use #SoxIsNextDoItNow hashtag for a chance to be featured on the official DOT XII and SOX Tourism social media channels.

Youtube  & Facebook Creators

Along with the social media filters, SOX Tourism has also invited Youtube and Facebook creators for a series of video ads about certain travel bucketlists (best food, most challenging waterfalls, beautiful sunsets, etc) in the Philippines that includes the best that SOX has to offer.

What's Next?

This is just the start of a new year for SOX. Aside from the advertising campaign, there are still a lot more in store for the region. SOX Circuit Tours, Complete Women, SOX VIP Card and a whole lot more. SOX is definitely next and the time to visit here is NOW. DO. IT. NOW.

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