My Lake Sebu Experience

June 29, 2019

Lake Sebu is one of the most breathtaking places in the region. Together with its placid waters and fresh air, it is truly a place where life blends with nature.

I have been in the place a few months back and now, I went again on a 3-day vacation to experience the chill life in the "Summer Capital" of South Central Mindanao.

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All Roads lead to A Lake Resort Like no Other

Situated in the base of Lake Sebu is a resort dedicated to culture, nature and tradition. Welcome to Punta Isla Lake Resort. The resort is one of the leading tourist destinations in Lake Sebu, most especially among families and large groups because of their affordable offers and family friendly activities.

If you're from outside of Mindanao, your gateway to Lake Sebu (and other places in SOX) is General Santos City. Upon reaching the City, you may hail a van (approximately P180) that travels directly to Lake Sebu downtown in about 2 hours. You may also choose to ride a connecting tour starting with a bus from Gensan to Marbel (P95), another bus from Marbel to Surallah (P50) or a skylab (motorcycle with exension seats) from Marbel to Lake Sebu (P80), and a finally, a van or habal-habal (motorcycle) from Surallah to Lake Sebu (P80), if you wanna visit a few towns for some pit stops along the way.

When you're in Lake Sebu, you may get around via habal-habal or sikad (small tricycle).

Tilapia Town Lake Sebu

Lake Sebu is famous for its breed of Tilapia or St. Peter's Fish that doesn't have a "fishy" smell. When in Punta Isla, don't miss the delicious Tilapia Chicharon, Pinausukang Tilapia, Tilapia Sisig, Daing na Tilapia and a whole lot more.

The people of Lake Sebu have an endless list of possible dishes for the fish since it's so abundant, they have to think of many ways to eat it. It has also become their major source of sustenance and income, so they cultivate and breed the fish to be enjoyed for generations to come.

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The native coffee in the resort is also to die for. Since the climate in Lake Sebu is cold (the place is situated above sea level), a warm cuppa every now and then is a really great way to warm and cozy you up.

Home Away from Home

It's always a "bed-weather" in Lake Sebu and a really nice accommodation like the ones in Punta Isla is a good complement for that. Punta Isla Lake Resort has affordable room rates with complete amenities that you may enjoy solo, with a significant other or with family.

Punta Isla's latest offering are the T'boli-inspired houses that could fit in at least 12 people. It's a nice place to stay for groups since it is wide enough to accommodate many people, it also has a unique vibe since it's made mostly of bamboo, complete with the wide T'boli home style windows that bring in fresh, cool air (no need for AC).

Having Fun While Learning About Culture and Nature

Wanna experience dining in a lake cruise? They have that in Punta Isla Lake Resort. Apart from the delicious Tilapia dishes, you also get to enjoy the magnificent view, take a short crash-course about Lake Sebu and the T'boli (their culture, tradition, dances, songs, and many more) from local tour guides, and even witness a one of a kind dance and song presentation that was passed on from generations to generations.

If you are on the adventurous side, you may arrange a trip to the tallest zipline in Southeast Asia with a view of 4 out of 7 waterfalls in Lake Sebu. Another fun adventure is to ride their traditional owong (carved boat) and cruise the lake to reach the Lotus Garden on the other side, and take gorgeous photos a-la Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Grey.

An Unforgettable Experience Awaits

Truly, booking a tour in Lake Sebu and staying at Punta Isla Lake resort is one unforgettable experience you shouldn't miss. You get to try a life that blends with nature and appreciate the modest life in the province.

If you are a solo traveler, the place is perfect for your soul-searching or even just to unplug from all the stresses of modern life. If you love going with a group, then there are also fun and enjoyable things for you to try. Nevertheless, go tick that bucket list and travel to Punta Isla Lake Resort at Lake Sebu.

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