Laundry and Chill: Make adulting fun with Spinto Laundry Cafe

February 28, 2020

Adulting is Stressful

   Upon reading my social media newsfeed, the number one stressor that most of us “millennials” face at this day and age is work. To reach our career goals, we often tire ourselves to the bone and spend majority of our time in front of our desk from nine to six. This gives us little to no time in letting our minds breathe or our bodies rest.

The Reality of Being an Adult

   As the demand for work rises, so does the need for us to tidy things up and do household chores. Of course, to keep up with our fast-paced lifestyle, we have to balance work with fun and leisure. But upon seeing the things that we need to clean up, clothes that we need to wash and keep clean, and the many things that we need to do to become a normal, functioning person, adulting suddenly feels overwhelming.

   Sometimes, we even wish to go back in simpler times when the only problem you have is only learning how to write in cursive or tying your shoelaces.

How to Manage Adulting

   Although, it feels really nice to just leave everything untidy and just do nothing in your free time, in reality, doing chores is really part of adulting. And as much as we hate doing these things, humans as we are, we need to eat, tidy our stuff and do laundry to survive.

Laundry and Chill

   With the rise of hybrid establishments, the possibilities are now endless when it comes to the services that we often utilize to maintain our lifestyle. Gone were the days when you stress out doing laundry; wasting your time while sweating like a pig, just waiting for the washing machine to finish spinning.


   With modernization comes the concept of “Laundry and Chill”, an idea that came to life in Spinto Laundry Café. Spin to chill, spin to eat, spin to relax at the comfort of a spacious laundromat-café hybrid, complete with cool aircondition and wi-fi connection, plus a selection of delectable snacks and beverages that you may enjoy.


   Sit comfortably while waiting for your laundry to finish, and adulting doesn’t really feel like a chore anymore.


   They offer the tastiest siomai and frappes, and for this reason alone, makes me look forward to the next laundry day. Make sure to also try their signature Tuna Sandwich roll that’s a unique spin to your usual Tuna Sandwich.


   Come visit Spinto Laundry Café daily from 7am to 11pm at Pendatun Avenue, General Santos City, fronting Gensan Freedom Park (Oval Plaza) Pendatun entrance.


   For further details and queries, you may contact them via 09270251735, or look for Spinto Laundry Cafe on Facebook and send them a message.

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