About Me

The Blogger

I am Darcy Jackson (only my pen name of course) from the "Pearl of the Orient Seas", the Philippines. A 20-something enthusiast of what's cool on the internet. I specialize in online content creation and viral social media campaigns.
I am currently working in the retail industry as a social media, website and graphics supervisor. We try to make uncool things seem cool in the internet because it funds my questionable hobbies like collecting Star Wars merch (among many others). Welcome to my humble little blog.

The Blog

Legendarcy started as a hobby when I was just looking for work. It was Legendaorui then. I decided to rebrand it to cater to a wider range of topics which includes art, tech, games/toys, pop culture and travel. In my few years of experience as a casual enthusiast of everything cool on the internet, I've realized that you don't have to be too serious or too into a certain niche to blog about it. Why spend so much time on something limited when you can dive into lots of stuff just for fun. Just like my experience in the online world, I made this blog to put fun into the topics that I want to share since that's the whole point of living. So, join me in my journey to discover what's fun and exciting in the vast interwebs via this online journal.

Contact me

If you have something nice to share about my hobbies and interests or if you just wanna be friends, you may contact me through these modes of communication:

E-mail: daorosales@gmail.com
Mobile Number: (+63) 920 473 3571
Facebook: @Legendarcy